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The specification of safety & emergency lighting can be one of your most crucial decisions. People's lives depend on it. 

From the original developers of Betalight. The Betalight is an innovative self luminous light source used as an alternative to conventional electrical lighting products for safe, continuous, well illuminated emergency lighting. 

BetaLux Safety Signs 

In emergency situations, Betalux safety signs assist personnel to identify emergency exits, fire equipment and assembly points, even when the main power supply has failed. 

BetaLux is entirely self-powered. It does not reply on any outside energy source for its illumination. It requires no electricity, no back-up batteries or generators to keep working in a crisis. It can be mounted anywhere without wiring or outlets, and needs no maintenance. The signs have a working life in excess of 10 years providing significant energy cost savings. 

Betalux is specifically constructed to resist tampering and vandalism. And whenever you have to specify safety signs for an explosive, corrosive, humid or other harsh environment, Betalux is the sign choice. It is incapable of sparking so there is no problem with accidental ignitions. It is totally sealed, explosions proof and has no wiring, internal or external, so there is no trouble with corrosion, mold or vapor invasion

The internal illumination enables the signs legends to be visible at distances in excess of 40 meters in  all lighting levels including total darkness. 

Betalux safety signs are ideal for new buildings or refurbishment projects and do not require structural alterations or disturbance of decor. 

When you specify Betalux self-luminous safety signs, you can be sure that you have done everything possible to assure safe, continuous, well illuminated emergency lighting for all building occupants now and well into the future. Do not hesitate to contact us for ordering information, or for a product demonstration by a representative in your area.  

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